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When setting up your own kitchen to your liking, it can sometimes become overwhelming. The idea of heading out to the store to grab all your needs can be a journey. I tend to get asked so many questions about what the essentials for cooking in the kitchen are. What is needed?

So, I thought it would be a great idea to create a simple guide, with all the things that I love to have available in my kitchen. It does not have all the extras that I have collected over the years, because I find them more of a personal preference and not a necessity.

The guide consists of a list of items that can help anyone by providing a basic printable option to take with you shopping. Allowing you to tick off items as you go. It is aimed to inspire you to get creative and design a kitchen that you love and would enjoy cooking in. It is the simple things that matter most. I believe the kitchen is the heart of the home, it is where I like to sprinkle the love that I have for my family into my recipes I cook every day.

You are welcome to download the guide through the following link:

Amira’s Kitchen Guide

For all the brides to be and new brides that have messaged me over the past few weeks, I really do hope my guide helps in some way. This is a huge milestone in your lives, and you should start it off the way that you want. A step in starting your very own homes.

Thank you all for always supporting me with everything that I do. You are all amazing and I appreciate you all.

Lots of Love

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