Pregnant third time round after a long 5 year gap after having my youngest daughter was as though it were my first all over again. 

Every ache, pain or twinge I experienced always left me paranoid and scared continuasly questioning “if this were normal”.

My two daughters were at such a beautiful age (6 and 4) With my youngest starting kinder only a few weeks before I gave birth. Everything seemed in place, our routines were all in place. Everything was great…life was (is) great.

While pregnant I was a complete mad woman full of energy. I was painting walls, moving furniture, refurbishing pieces- looking back now I do not know how I did all that while pregnant…tell me to paint a small single wall now and I will stare at you as if you were crazy. Lol it’s amazing how “nesting” works, some get the urge at the beginning some at the end of pregnancy. But not for me I was nesting literally the whole 9 months. Pretty exhausting if you ask me!

As usual the nursery is always the main priority to get done. It was such an exciting time as I involved my daughters in every little detail. They loved helping me put together Baby ℳ nursery together. 

It’s become the most popular request for a “Nursery Tour”- so instead of uploading a YouTube tour I thought I’ll do a blog post in detail of the nursery and how I’ve organised particular things. Hope this becomes an interest to all and provides a helping hand while designing your own nurseries. 

When designing my sons nursery the one thing I didn’t want to do is create a typical & clichè “French inspired” room. I have this theme happening through my home and with my first son I certainly didn’t want to make it “blend” in. I wanted to give the nursery its own look, its own style allowing it to differentiate itself from the rest of the house.

I decided to give the nursery a boho/tribal/woodland theme. Keeping it subtle yet pops of colour all over. I’m extremely happy with the results and everybody who sees the room falls Inlove with just how unique it is! 

This gorgeous “Bratt Decor” sleigh crib has been passed down from my eldest daughter to my second and now my son. We didn’t want to buy another crib and felt it was a total waste due to the crib costing us a fortune to import it from the USA. So we decided to reuse it and we’re so happy we did. We hope to pass this down to our own daughters one day to use for their own children and basically become our sentimental family Heirloom. 

Using a natural tree branch to create a lovely display for all things handmade. Giving them the attention they deserve. This was done while I was pregnant however, its totally different as of current.

One thing I absolutely LOVE is redecorating this shelf and taking “Shelfies”. Using cute little trinkets to bring it all together. 

Here are a few more “shelfie” photos…

For those who are familiar with my other sources of social media will know exactly how much I love indoor plants. I have them everywhere around the house and I wanted the nursery to have a few also. So I chose some mini cactus, baby palm to provide the “bohemian look”.

Changing station- I sewed this gingham changing pad cover myself I will also add a tutorial on the blog soon. I plan to make another to match a little better with the current colours and patterns.

Here I keep my essential needs. I was before storing a few nappies and wipes but found the change top was becoming too cluttered. So I store the nappies and wipes in a draw and keep my hand sanitiser, ear buds and nail clippers (in the little round basket) in a gorgeous Aztec case storing brushes, powders, lotions etc. I also add this to our change bag once preparing to leave the house.

In the change dresser drawers I have bought these pretty knitted baskets from IKEA I absolutely love them.

I store all other essentials in these compartments which make it easier to reach when they’re needed. 

A few other drawers which hold knitted beanies & Booties. Some have asked how I have kept the booties upright like that.  I have bought clear plastic baby sock/bootie display fillers. You can find these on eBay for a very small cost. 

I also use my “DIY scented soup pouches” to place in these drawers keeping them smelling fresh & delicious. Click here to view how they can be made DIY scented soap pouches

UPDATED: a video tutorial on how to make these can be found on our YouTube channel “Amira’s Lifestyle Guide” (Click here DIY scented soap pouches tutorial )

Moving onto how I’ve organised the wardrobe…

I have used tension rods(can be found on eBay or the Daiso $2.80 store) to hang all the baby shoes. I used shower curtain clips to do just that. I bought a whole bulk of them off eBay for also at a very low cost.

Helps free up drawers for other necessities but also adds a pretty cute display to the wardrobe. 

I used the hanging branch and repurposed it to make a “tree branch lamp” using a hanging light which I found for a cheap $15 at the reject shop but I’ve also seen similar at Kmart. You can also use the hanging lights with just a globe or simply wrap the branch with twinkle lights 😊

While pregnant I purchased these adorable milestone cards and decided to display them to create a cute “milestone wall art”.

So in replacement of the hanging branch I have used assorted sized wreaths- adding more natural pieces of nature. 

Replacing our jute rug with a amazing Turkish Kilim adding gorgeous colour,pattern and texture. 

A few different angled snaps from around the nursery. 

We are super happy with how everything turned out. Always keep in mind when designing a room or nursery to brainstorm your ideas- create a base outline to help you go by and to help create your dream nursery. 

Hope these tips,tricks and ideas are of help to others. 

To watch a small “walk through” of the nursery Click Here.

Much love;

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