Carrington Falls was a hidden gem that hubby and i discovered while on one of our road trip Sundays.

At least once a month we drive up to the Southern Highlands, to which has become our family favourite place to escape and enjoy the lush greenery of nature around us, the ever changing seasonal colour palette that welcomes us each season and most of all the crisp and clean air that will surely give you all the refreshing vibes.

Driving up one Sunday, we decided to keep driving past where we usually stop and visit. Approx. 20mins past the town of Bowral we reached a Historic town called ‘Robertson’… The same location where they filmed the movie ‘Babe’.

The first time we ever seen such a charming little town with lush mountain paddocks and meadows that surrounded us at every turn we took… it truly was something out of a movie.

As we approached the heart of Robertson a sudden gush of mist overtook the location. We had never experienced something like this before and although in the midst of summer, it was chilly and left us with goosy bumps all over our bodies. We had asked one of the locals where they confirmed that the Mist was something quite common to happen in Robertson. It truly was an experience like no other. We visited the local Antique store, purchased from the cheese factory next door and we head back into the car and kept on driving for approx 10 mins towards a place called ”Carrington Falls”….

We have been to many beautiful Waterfall locations but we have never been so upclose to one before. We also head to Belmore Falls which was approx 5 mins away from Carrington Falls however, we were hundreds of meters above the waterfall. So this experience was like no other. we first reached ”Nellies Glen”, parked the car and only a100mtr walk you will reach the waterfall. During the summer you can also take a dip and have a swim to cool off.

We sat on the rocks and just listened to the beautiful melody of the water crushing upon the rocks and the calming sounds of nature in the background. Such a serene and peaceful place it was. The kids had a little splash to cool off, indulged into some snacks and then jumped back into the car and drove about 3 mins and took the turn to the ”Blue Pools”. Parked the car and took a walk…again we didnt need to walk much at all when we then faced a running stream. There were some tree branches and logs that were layed ontop of the stream to help get to the other side. Once we crossed The stream, the kids washed their faces with the extremely cold and fresh water before we continued to see where the track led us.

We then reached a gorgeous rocky stream that took our breath away. The kids had a splash in the little rocky pool sections. Hubby and i cooled ourselves off with splashing our faces with the freezing cold stream water. An unexpected destination that left us speechless. A hidden Gem indeed and we couldn’t wait to share it with our loved ones.

We’ve since gone back and were prepared to enjoy a delicious picnic on one of the rocks by the stream. It was beyond perfect! So good for the mind, body and soul.

The entire Carrington Falls has become one f our absolute favourite places to visit and just recharge. There’s something so mesmerizing about being in the midst of nature. A type of fulfillment like no other. We couldn’t recommend this place enough and we are so sure that you and your families are going to really enjoy your visit here.

Lots of Love;

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