A classic dish that has endless versions yet there’s no real “right or wrong” way for making it. 

Italian cuisine is a real favourite in our household & these “single servings” were the perfect way to see just how much the kiddies ate at dinner time. I’m not too sure if the lasagne was just that delicious or the kiddies were very excited to have their own dish to eat from. Either way they finished the whole thing which made me a very happy mumma indeed! 

The following recipe is a easy and quick version. I usually use my spaghetti bolognese recipe (Click here for recipe) which is intense and full of flavour. 


– 1kg mince meat

– 3 garlic cloves minced

– 1 brown onion finely diced

– 1 can diced tomatoes

– 1 large jar tomato purée 

– 3Tbsp tomato paste

– dried basil & oregano leaves ( to taste)

– dried thyme ( to taste)

– salt & pepper (to taste) 


1pk fresh lasagne sheets (fridge section)

– 1 jar bechamel ( or make your own cheese sauce, recipe will be up soon) 

– shredded cheese

1.) In a skillet heat a little oil, sautè off the onion and garlic till fragrant.

2.) Add minced meat and finely break apart.

3.) Mix through tomato paste, followed by the diced tomatoes & tomato purée.

4.) Season and add herbs to taste.

5.) Allow to simmer for 5-6mins.

6.)Either in single dishes or a large dish start your layers by a thin layer of sauce at at the bottom followed with lasagne sheets ect…

7.)it’s totally upto you on how you would like to do your layers. I leave the bechamel till the final layer then topped with cheese and sprinkle dried herbs. 

8.) since these are fresh sheets cooking time is not very long. Approx 30-35mins. 


Note: a video version of this recipe is up on our YouTube channel ” Amira’s Lifestyle Guide” (Click here)

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