In my honest opinion, a garden is not successful, whether it is filled with fruits, greens and vegetables. It only becomes a success when those things are also accompanied by beautiful rows, beds, arches or walls of flowers. Not to sound biased at all, because being pretty is not the only feature that gives life to a garden, they become a source of attraction for many beneficial garden insects that breathe life into it.

These insects help with the production of your fruits and vegetables. Not only are they produce boosters they are also yield enhancers, they fight off bad insects, and they are extremely friendly to humans. So, if you are thinking of starting your very own garden, be sure to plant flowers; and lots of them.

I have received so many questions about what kind of flowers I currently have planted in my garden. So, the following are just some that I have planted in my garden that have helped me other the years. 


Alyssum must be my absolute favourite ground cover flower. They are so pretty, especially when planted into a large pot. They look especially stunning when they begin to grow enough to hang over the edge of said pot. Just beautiful.


Hydrangeas are such a beautiful cut flower. For many years now my front porch has been completely hedged with them. They are very elegant and give a lovely cottage feel to your home. We also had to plant some of these beautiful flowers in our back garden. We went for the ‘Blushing Bridge’ variety, an elegant white coated petal with a soft pink blend throughout. There is something about hydrangeas that allows you to breathe in more easily.


We have a few different varieties of daisies planted around the garden. My daughters love picking them for use in weaving through their braids. They make such a beautiful addition when mixed and matched with an assortment of different shades. They rise above others, which is why I have donned them the ‘Proud Flower’.


We have only one rose planted in our garden called ‘Blue Moon’, a beautiful soft lilac colour that adds the right amount of pretty to the garden.


Lavenders are scattered all over our garden. Their soft scent is divine. A purifying smell. They are also great for air drying and using throughout the home. We love the ‘French Lavender’ variety. They are our absolute favourite.


Violas are the prettiest and most petite variety of flowers. What we love most about them is that they are also edible. Garnishing a dessert dish with them is a beautiful image.

These are just a few of the flower varieties we have planted around the garden. There is nothing better than seeing these assortments and arrangements at home.

So, go ahead and spruce up your garden with a burst of floral, you will thank me later.

Till next time fellow gardeners.

Lots of love,


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