Scented Pouches

Handmade pouches full of shredded soap to keep your clothes smelling fresh every time.

  • 1 Bar Choice of Soap (- I use the LUX brand)
  1. Using the grater or processor, shred the soap to a coarse feel.

  2. Fill up organza satchels.

I purchase the LUX branded soap bars to use for this project. I scatter the bags that I make around the home, usually in clothing drawers, linen cabinets, wardrobes, in between clothes whilst they are hung, in between towels or even in and around shoes and shoe cabinets. Such a great, easy and inexpensive method to add some freshness to your belongings.

This photo is of Baby M’s knitted draw. I’ve filled it with some beautiful knitted pieces that really take on the smell of the scented pouch easier than most. Whenever I open this drawer it fills the room with an amazing aroma keeping the area smelling clean and fresh. 

We all know how dirty diapers can get at times, I can’t fathom how such a foul smell can come from such a small person. Hence why these pouches are the perfect addition.

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