Do you have a splash back setting, bathroom tiles or a dull laundry that you would love to change up, but you’re either renting your home or simply don’t want to fork out a hefty payment to have it done professionally?

Well look no further, I have spruced up my most disliked areas in my home at a truly little cost.

I had a green frosted looking splash back in my kitchen and I was not the biggest fan. So, I did myself some research on how I could change them without doing so much damage to the existing glass. And I also wanted the option of changing them out in future.

Knowing my mind, I am constantly redecorating so having something temporary was the best solution. I searched endlessly, consulted with numerous kitchen experts but to no avail. During this period of uncertainty, I remembered how much I love wallpapers. So, I asked Hubby if there was any way to do something similar but with tiles.

We found that in fact there are splash back tiles, and there are ‘Moroccan Vinyl Tiles’ which were simply perfect for the look that I wanted.

I was amazed when they arrived. They were only a sample pack, but I did not hesitate to complete my order knowing they had such a unique quality and look to them. They gave the illusion of actual real tiles. I could not believe that such a thing existed. I was excited by the notion that this project could work.

They come in a few sizes; I purchased the medium size. The size of the medium squares measure at 15x15cm. There are also a smaller size and a larger size. Applying the vinyl requires some adequate cleaning of the surface area. I tend to use an all-purpose cleaner before doing any work with glue and just wait for it to completely dry before commencing with the installation.

My homemade multipurpose cleaner is something I use.

Try to set the squares in a pattern and design that fits your style and in the order that you prefer. Progress looks so good so far. Patience and being careful will give the perfect results.

Some of the tiles look like they are four smaller tiles attached together. There is always going to be a small space that needs covering, especially if measurements cannot be perfected with your current splash back dimensions. The good thing is, you can cut these tiles by using scissors or a box knife. Careful not to cut yourself!

These tiles are very versatile. They can be used to cover hideous bathroom tiles too. Using them in the laundry in a pattern is also a great choice.

I hope this helps you with your next decorating project. Just remember that the sky is the limit and it is up to you reaching as far up high as you can!

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