Hey Friend, I’m Amira

I’m a mother to three beautiful children and wife to my darling husband. I’m passionate about all things home so ensuring i’m creating a happy and healthy home for my family is a huge priority of mine.

When I first started on my journey of seeking support with essential oils and transitioning my home to a low tox environment, I won’t lie, I was overwhelmed! But  what I know now, on the other side, is that it doesn’t have to be stressful, expensive or happen overnight. Instead we can arm ourselves with little bits of education and tools to help us make this an enjoyable journey, its okay to take baby steps, and to take your time with this, Because instead of being daunting or scary we are going to make it an adventure, its going to be fun, 

I didn’t realize the sweet and gentle way that using clean, safe products would transform my life, my families life, and the pure joy that now fills my home! As you replace icky products with safe/clean ones, you will swell with confidence, knowing you are doing something so good for you and your family, and you will fall IN LOVE with every single switch! Truly life-changing!

lets jump right in shall we?!

Lots of love;

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