Eid 2016

Eid is an Islamic celebration which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. A religious holiday which Muslims around the world celebrate every year.

Eid is an Islamic celebration which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan, a month in which we spend fasting from sunrise till sunset. Eid is a religious holiday that is celebrated each year by Muslims across the world in every nation on every ground of soil, above or under.

Every family celebrates Eid in their own way, usually culturally driven. Traditionally it is celebrated in the Islamic way, gifting people like your neighbors, visiting families and friends, wearing new and fresh clothing, the list goes on. Being charitable in every sense of the word and in every action you perform.

Islamically Eid is the only day when a Muslim is not permitted to fast. So, usually on the first day of Eid, most men visit the mosque for an early morning Eid prayer, followed by a breakfast and a visit to relatives to exchange sweets and gifts.

This Eid was our first as a family of five. With our previous Baby M and our beautiful daughters. Hubby had work on the day though unfortunately, which forced us to celebrate together later in the afternoon. Although that was the case, earlier in the morning, Myself and Hubby decided that we were going to prepare a fun and eventful morning before he went to work.

We were so happy we did that. The priceless look on their faces and their reactions to what they received was absolutely rewarding and put a smile on our faces the whole day.

The following images are how we celebrated our first day of Eid in 2016.

We decorated our fireplace with a gorgeous array of white and green floral along with some gold inflatable balloons which we hung on a crochet bunting which we pinched from Baby M’s nursery.

We wanted to do something different than the usual balloons we decorate with every year. We decided to also use one of our plastic drop sheets to tape over the door and fill it up with balloons. So, basically it was going to be a little game of, “Whoever opens the door first, is showered with balloons”.

So, our younger daughter awoke early in the morning for her usual bathroom trip and all we heard was, “Mum! There are balloons everywhere!”. She must have thought she was dreaming.

We also prepared a “Eid Treasure Hunt”. On the night before Eid when the kids were sleeping, we wanted to add some more excitement to their gifts, rather than just handing them over to them. So, we named their gifts, and hid them around the home. We wrote up little clues to help them find them on a black board and handed it over when they awoke. They loved the idea and hubby and I loved it too.

We also baked some custom “Eid Mubarak” shortbread cookies so that the kids could give out to their cousins and friends. They were delicious and a huge hit among the kiddies.

Normally we would attend the annual “Eid Show’, but we decided to give it a pass this year due to the terrible weather. And with a newborn, it was not such a good idea. So, we took the kiddies to Toys’R’Us to choose a toy they would each like to purchase using their Eid gift money.

Ma’moul is an essential dessert served during Eid. I remember when growing up, I would always help my mother make her own Ma’moul for Eid. The late nights preparing these delicious treats and hand wrapping each one is something I cherished and wanted to in turn do with my children too. It is nostalgic memories such as this that made Eid feel that tad bit more special and exciting.

Every Eid, I always say I want to make my own, but time is always against me. And this year was no different if not more time straining. With a newborn, the existence of any spare time was not there. I would not have it any other way though, even if you gave me a week with no baby, I would not know how to function without Baby M.

I mean, store bought Ma’moul is delicious as well, each place as their own spin on the recipe, and it they are all tasty. So, it is a win no matter where we get them from.

I hope everyone who celebrated had a wonderful Eid.

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