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Growing ‘Silver beet’ has been one of the most successful vegetable endeavors we have in the garden. They are full of benefits and are good for you. There is  so many delicious dishes that you can make using silver beet. You can find some of those recipes in the Kitchen area of the site, which are easy to make and delicious.

What soil do I use?

I use a mix of premium potting mix and organic compost. I also mix through a handful of ‘blood and bone’ fertilizer. Silver beet loves rich soil and following these steps has given us so much success. Silver beet grows quickly, I like to call it the ‘Star’ of the garden, since it loves showing off its impressive growth rate.

Where to plant Silver beet?

Silver beet loves a partly shaded area. The heat tends to cause the silver beet to wild quickly. So, ensuring that you plant the silver beet in a partly shaded area will yield the best results. Silver beet loves mulch too. This will help it to retain its moisture. We used organic sugar can mulch, but be wary of where you place the mulch, try not to spread it too close to the plant itself as it may damage it.

Harvesting Silver beet!

Generally, you can harvest silver beet at any stage. Salads go well with silver beet leaves that are younger and baby like. When they are bigger there are other things you can do with them, like make some delicious ‘Fatayer’, a Middle Eastern pastry dish. You can find the recipe in the Kitchen area of the site.

When harvesting silver beet, be sure to use clean shears or a sharp knife and begin the cutting process from the bottom of the stem. Harvesting will encourage new growth, and silver beet is a growing machine. It is a unique plant in the sense that it will continue to regrow at a rapid rate after harvesting it.

We have been lucky enough to have harvested four big batches of silver beet from one plant. So, planting just one plant will go a long way.

How to use your harvest!

A few ideas on how to use your silver beet harvest are as follows,

  • Fatayer pastries.
  • Sauté with onion, garlic, and mushrooms atop of eggs on toast.
  • Make a silver beet and mushroom potato bake.
  • Shredded in some chicken soup.

There are so many ideas, get a little creative in the kitchen, the results are so well worth the effort.

Happy gardening friends!

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