Hello Fellow Gardeners

We have been gardening with herbs daily for over five years now. This year Hubby and I really wanted to expand our garden and experiment with fruits and vegetables. Our garden is an all concrete yard that is not really appealing. A simple garden bed on the side of our home that does not really get much sun due to large trees blocking out the sunshine.

A few years ago, we decided to lay some artificial grass down to create an area for our kids to play and enjoy without the lingering thought of them hurting themselves on the concrete. It has been the best investment we have ever made. Who would not want an evergreen lawn right? So, June of 2017, we decided to take a big step towards expanding our garden.

Off we went to our local hardware and nursery store. The biggest mistake we made was not make a list of what we wanted. We decided to just go with it and see what took our fancy at the time. I remember the moment we entered the store, we instantly became overwhelmed with our options, wanting to basically purchase everything, but we had a budget.

We first searched for some garden beds, something that would suite our artificial area. Due to the flooring situation in our backyard, garden beds were our best option. We instantly fell in love with the ‘Birdies’ brand of garden beds, the ‘Garden Heritage’ range to be exact. They have a variety of modular garden beds that are handy. We purchased a few along with some soil and a range of plants we wanted to invest our time in and headed home to start on our biggest project yet.

Building the garden beds was an easy task, simply modular in design. Once we had built them all though we were not satisfied with the amount we had, we needed more room for the plants we had bought. So, off we went again to purchase some more beds. Luckily though we also bought a garden arch to act as an entry point to our little garden, creating a cottage-like country entrance. It was meant to be.

We positioned the garden beds and archway how we wanted them to be, then began to dress our beds. We first lined the bottom with some draining lining and then filled it with organic compost which was pre-mixed with an ‘All Purpose Potting Mix’. Our next step was to combine it with some fertilizer, and we were good to go, it was time to begin planting our seedlings.

Every week my Husband and I would visit our local nurseries and see what was new and current that season. We would bring home some new additions to add to our garden, letting it grow a little more organically, rather than flood it with plants. It has been such a wonderful journey thus far and gardening has become the most therapeutic activity that I have come across.

The moment I step outside into the garden, all my stresses and worries seem to fade away. It has become an almost urban homestead for me and Hubby, having something that we do together such as this is relieving and a bond strengthener in our marriage.

It has been so rewarding to be able to harvest vegetables and herbs needed for dinner on a night. The fact that it tastes fresher and more fragrant than your regular store-bought ones is a bonus. Knowing there are not any nasty chemicals in our plants.

The following are some pictures of the early stages of our garden.

Our garden has come such a long way. We started with herbs we use daily and slowly started planting and experimenting with items that worked well in our garden, some trial and error. We kept track of all our growing success and failures within a ‘Garden Journal’. It has saved us so many times and we highly recommend keeping one. I will delve further into how to keep a garden journal in a future post.

We are so lucky to be able to indulge in many harvests from our garden. We only harvest what is needed at the time or when we prune our plants. We try not to over harvest our garden so that we do not have much wastage of food. Which devastates me, the wastage that is, especially seeing our hard work being the one sacrificed.

Here is a picture of our garden today. Our garden has come such a long way. We honestly believe that anyone can start their own garden, it only takes patience, creativity, and a will to encourage growth. Keeping a journal as stated above helps in unnecessary mistakes and refrains one from making the same mistakes over again. Why not give it a go this season and enjoy the endless rewards gardening brings to a home?

I will leave it at that for today. Tune in weekly as I will try to release some more garden update posts and answer any questions you guys may have. Hopefully, these posts help you with starting your own garden.

Till next time friends.

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