Organisation isn’t about perfection, it’s about efficiency, reducing stress & clutter, saving time & money,& improving your overall quality of life

Being a stay at home Mumma, having a organised home is extremely important to me. Having all aspects of my home & life easily functional helps my day flow smoothly.

Our kitchen pantry is one of the most frequently used cabinets in the house.

Whether it be for my cooking, the kids snacks or our daily essential needs. I find it extremely important keeping this cabinet clean & organised at all times. Sounds pretty hard to maintain…However, with my following Tips, tricks & hacks have made my pantry easily functional yet Maintanable at the same time.

I have gone for a more “fresh & clean” approach with what I’ve used trying to keep the cohesive flow through out the pantry.

You’re probably wondering why do I have a dust pan in my pantry… Well with children grabbing their own snacks at times or simply myself using certain things may leave crumbs or peels on the bottom shelving of the pantry. It’s pretty annoying to always get out the big Ol’ vacuum to clean it up I found placing a dustpan JUST for these reasons was a much easier alternative. The kids also tend to clean up their own mess too…Perfect!

On the door of our pantry I’ve used a small metal grid with removable small shelves which I’ve stored; disposables that the kids use often and are easily accessible for them. You can find these at the great store called “Daiso”. A place where everything is literally only $2.80, so I highly recommend to visit this store.

When organising my pantry i categorised each shelf according to similarities in their usage. Example;

Bottom shelf

  • Oils
  • Vinegar
  • Tahini
  • Cooking sprays
  • Onions,potatoes & Garlic

Second bottom shelf

  • Jars
  • Cans
  • Basket full of cooking essentials

Third bottom shelf

  • Mason jars storing ingredients
  • Basket storing sandwich spreads
  • Basket storing drink mixers

I’ve used “Shelf steppers” on the bottom shelf (basically the whole pantry). These steppers are great in keeping Everything at eye level. They work exceptionally well in hidden sections of a pantry. They also come in corner designs which are pretty useful too. These steppers can be found at Kmart.

Also from Kmart I’ve used a metal basket that can be hung on the shelf. I’ve used this to store my potatoes,onions & garlic.
I’ve sectioned off jars & cans also on seperate steppers to make it easily visible and accessible when needed.

Baskets are my all time favourite “storage solution” to everything. These pretty yet functional baskets are from Kmart. They come in assorted sizes and colours, I’ve labelled them with chalk board labels- just to give an idea of what’s inside.

Mason jars are what Have used to store my dry ingredients- I’ve followed this method for years now and I absolutely LOVE it! These jars can be found at numerous dollar stores, Kmart or storage stores. Large Apothecary jars are great to store pasta, cereals & baking essentials.

Labelling is extremely important when using baskets, to give an easier idea of what’s inside. You may know what’s in there but also makes it easier for the family to find what they are looking for.

Here I’ve used a tension rod to create a “built in” paper towel holder, keeping it out of sight. These rods have been a huge life saver in all my organisational projects around the house. They can be purchased from “Daiso”. Also available in assorted sizes.

I try my absolute best to continuasly sort through the pantry each week to maintain it. I also like to go through ingredients which are soon to be expired and cook with them to avoid wastage.

I hope this helps with your process of organising your own kitchen pantry. If you will like to see a simple video of how I’ve achieved this or how my pantry looked before visit my YouTube channel “Amira’s Lifestyle Guide” (Click here)

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