My husband came up to me one day after watching the infamous “Games of thrones” show… And said he felt inspired by the show and wants a “Viking” stew- I looked at him  so puzzled as to what he meant by this. 

He later explained a stew which had chunky cut up veggies and is eaten with a large loaf of bread which is easily pulled apart & dunk into the stew. 

While him explaining this to me I felt inspired myself, so I came up with the following recipe and I must say it was absolutely DELICIOUS especially in this cold weather. 

(Not all ingredients pictured)

-300grams lean diced lamb 

-2 onions chopped in chunks 

-4 carrots chopped in chunks(TIP: don’t peel the carrot all its nutrients and held in its actual skin. Rather use a vegetable scrubber brush to wash and scrub well)

-2 Desiree potatoes chopped in chunks

-3 chat potatoes chopped into chunks

-celery stalks chopped

-leek finely sliced

-2 garlic cloves crushed

-fresh parsley leaves chopped

-thyme sprigs

-2Tbsp tomato paste

-2 Tbsp Worcestishire sauce

-4 bay leaves

– 1litre stock of your choice ( I used vegetable)

-Salt & pepper

Step 1;

In a large Dutch oven or pot heat a little oil and sear off the lamb till slightly brown. 
Step 2;

Add crushed garlic,thyme sprigs & leek and allow the flavour to infuse. Once the aroma from the garlic is fragrant move onto the next step.
Step 3;

Add remaining vegetables. Mix well through the garlic. 
Step 4;

Mix through the tomato paste.
Step 5;

Add you stock. If the stock isn’t alone covering the vegetables add water.

Season with a little salt and pepper- don’t over power with salt as once the stew is reduced it tends to produce its own salts & flavour.

Step 6;

Pour in the Worcestishire sauce and mix through.

Step 7;

Also add the bay leaves & fresh parsley. 

Allow to simmer on low for 2-3hours.
Serve up with a delicious soft loaf.

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