Our laundry room has always been a room we loved to spruce up every few years. We had only changed up minor things like the wallpaper, baskets, or the occasional simple decorative pieces.

It has been six whole years since we had done any new changes and as our family has grown during these six years, so have our belongings. Our family routines have also slightly changed since the kids now attend school. So, we thought it would be the perfect time to maximize the storage space in the laundry room by adding extra wall cabinets. When we started with this plan in mind, it slowly transformed into a complete transformation, on a budget.

Like any other project, I always take out my journal and begin jotting down my plans and ideas. Included are the finer details too, like the measurements, colour palette etc. As soon as I have jotted down my plan for the project, and have a clear idea of what needs to be done, I then begin putting together a list of store and websites that I need to visit to find the items I need to buy. I list these into a ‘To Buy’ list. This is when the fun begins, sourcing the things we need for the project.

Ideally, I always opt for the cheapest option to do things, to remain within the budget.

We managed to find wood cabinets from IKEA, they had a raw wood finish, so we decided to paint them along with our current cabinets too. In previous projects we had used ‘Jolie Paints’. We have become completely and utterly obsessed, so it was a no brainer to use ‘Jolie Paints’ for this project as well.

The moment we were done sourcing what we needed was the time we needed to clean and clear out the laundry. This gave me the perfect opportunity to declutter and donate what we no longer needed. After assembling the IKEA cabinets, we installed them and secured them to the wall. After doing so it was time to paint our first coat on to the cabinets. Our cabinets took two full coats of paint and one coat of clear wax. The colour we used for the cabinets was ‘Petit Chateau’.

During this process we decided to replace all the cabinet handles as well. We wanted a subtle brass look, and the inexpensive handles we found were more of a “yellow gold”. When we did manage to find a brass tone, they were more on the higher price range. So, we opted for a more DIY approach with using a rub ‘n’ buff in the colour ‘European Gold’. I have used this before in our kitchen and absolutely love it. It really is an inexpensive way to spruce up anything. I have come to the realization that when a surface is a black matte texture and colour, the rub ‘n’ buff tends to rub on beautifully. Hence why we bought black matte handles.

The next step was moving on to our plain ‘Jane Door’. I knew I wanted to give it a makeover. We used two 2.4-meter moulding trims to create some beautiful paneling for the door. A small change to say the least however the impact was huge. The door then received a lick of paint in the colour ‘Farmhouse Beige’. The colours worked beautifully well with the cabinets ‘Petit Chateau’ colour.

The major tasks were now out of the way and drying. So, we moved on to installing our wooden ‘Wall Clothing Airer’ and ‘Wall Rack’ to hang some of our essentials. We also noticed that in between the two cabinets were approximately fifty centimetres of dead space. So, we used this space for open shelving. We cut our previous shelf to size and painted them to match the cabinets. We also used the brackets too. The cabinets did not cost us a dime.

We are still working on the other side of the laundry as well as organizing the insides of the cabinets. I will dedicate another blog post just for that.

Overall, our newly transformed laundry has exceeded our expectations and we are so proud of what we have managed to achieve on such a small budget.

Laundry Must Haves and Favourites

My laundry must haves are things that I simply love and enjoy having in the laundry,

Things that include:

  • Wicker Laundry Baskets
  • Wall Clothing Airer (For Delicates)
  • Wall Art
  • Florals
  • Eco Friendly Cleaning Products
  • Storage
  • Baskets for Organizing
  • Reusable Clothing Pegs
  • Market Bag
  • Sustainably Friendly Cleaning Tools
  • Essential Oils
  • Empty Glass Spray Bottles for DIY
  • Fresheners

My Laundry Décor Top Picks:


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What We Used

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Laundry Must Haves & Favourites

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