Clean Clothes Are Good For The Soul

What is the most frequently used room in your home? Mind would have to be the laundry, yes, the laundry. Quite sad is it not? Well the saying, “Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow”, is a true statement. Especially because of how often I visit the laundry.

Keeping the laundry room as organized as possible is a simple way to pass through a day smoothly. The one thing that drives me insane is a laundry filled with washing that have not been sorted. I do not know which it is really, the washing itself or the fact that I will have to rummage through a mountain of clothing before I begin to load the washing machine.

Let us be a little realistic here. If we do not do the washing ourselves, who would? Is that selfish to say? Regardless, I think it is the truth. I would love to share with you the state of my laundry now, but I have been wanting to redecorate for some time now. So, when that happens, I will do an updated post of the changes I made.

What is a laundry room without the cleaning products too?

How do you store your powders and softeners?

I have a simplistic approach to storing washing powder. I use a tin I bought labeled ‘Washing Powder’. Pretty simple if I do say so Myself. I store some of my softeners in glass bottles though. I am looking into the idea of storing them inside of drink dispensers. Just one of the ideas I have for my new look laundry.

I have placed soap bars in glass apothecary jars atop of a shelf which makes for a great storage area whilst also making the room look pretty. The ‘soak’ bucket pictured above is used to store ‘delicates’, I also include school uniforms in this category.

Do not mind the washing, it is the day after the weekend when the washing is at its peak. More reasoning behind my post, a little bit of inspiration.

I go about storing my washing in these great big hampers from IKEA which had cost us about $4.99 AUD each. With the need for five of these, the price tag was perfect and a huge help.

I assign each hamper for different loads of washing, for example I have whites, dark colours etc. I do not mix and wash my kid’s light coloured clothes among Mine and Hubbies ones. I find that our lighter colours are harsher than the kids ones and I do not feel comfortable mixing them.

I label each hamper, making it easier for Hubby and the kids to place their own dirty clothing into their designated hampers. You should see them sort their dirty washing; I have turned them into professionals.

The pretty additions I have included in the laundry are just a bit of eye candy for myself. Wall art, flowers and displaying scented essential oils on the shelf above the washing machine is a start. I finished the current setup with cute handmade laced curtains and some Turkish tea towels.

I hope you enjoyed this post. And as always, I will try to post updates and other organizational posts soon.

Happy Washing.

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