I am a mother.

Becoming a mother did not come with an instruction manual, nor a booklet of some sort explaining the methods of being a perfect mother. Even if that booklet were to exist, I assure you all it is filled with lies. Nobody and I mean absolutely nobody are perfect, but we surely try our absolute best to be just that, the best. The best we can be to our children.

A wise woman once said, “It is easy to make a baby, but it is hard work rising them”. The woman’s words sunk deep into my mind and I constantly think about them. The idea of having a child is easy, but it is just that, an idea. Your world spins when the realization of having children hit you. Your priorities change and your personal time is no longer a thing.

It has been eight months since our darling son entered our lives. They have been the most amazing eight months, along with our two beautiful daughters. Hubby and I are so appreciative to God that we have these gems in our lives. Each time I was pregnant my concept of life would be tested, from the exuberant love to the tears, the struggle of moving about and the amount of sleep deprivation.

And going through these tests made me a stronger person, a stronger wife, daughter, mother, friend and especially a stronger woman. By the grace of God, I survived my own tests and the biological tests that accompanied them. The questions I am asked the most are summed up into one, “How do you manage to be a Mother, Wife and Blogger all at the same time?”.

Honestly, with all that I have seen and gone through, my answer is always, “Routines!”. That is right, routines. I live by them, I swear by them, I love them. As soon as my son was born, I instantly wanted to correct any mistakes I had made with my daughters. I wanted to learn from them and not repeat them with my son. I wanted to do this as early as I could to not have to transition them into his life when he gets older.

My daughters have a strict bedtime schedule. They are in bed the second the clock ticks 8:00PM. They wash up, say their good nights and off they go. Either Hubby or I tuck them in, read them a story if need be and turn off the lights, leaving only the hallway lights dimmed on, to let some in. Sometimes when they want a book read to them, they are in bed by 7:45PM.

The moment they are tucked in, I immediately head over to the nursery to change my son, put his jammies on and pamper him up. This is then followed by feeding him and putting him into his cot. Six months earlier, we were putting him in his bassinet, but you get the drift.

Once the kids are all asleep, I try to tidy up and enjoy some ‘Me’ time. Us mothers work ridiculously hard so some time for ourselves is much deserved, using it to relax and unwind. If I have any blogging or DIY projects lined up, I like to get them done in this time too. I sip on some tea and get things done. Sometimes I just sip on some tea and catch up with my favourite tv shows like a normal person and give myself some rest.

I always wait for my sons first feed before I head to bed. Usually closer to midnight. If he has had an exhausting day, we will skip this feed and sleep through it, which I can sense from him, allowing me to sleep earlier that night.

Our mornings are hectic. With preparing breakfast and school lunches, which I usually make the night before, the school lunches that is. To dressing the girls and Baby M as well as myself. I like to ensure I have given little bub his breakfast before we head through the door so that I do not need to stress over it the next few hours.

I like to delegate my days to different errands. It is a lot harder to get things done nowadays with a baby. So, I try and manage my time and days as efficiently as possible. I believe happiness is made in the home. We start and finish our days at home, we raise our kids their and it is where they feel safe, it is a place where our family can create sentimental memories together. So, it would only make sense that it is where happiness is birthed.

Life is not about having the most lavish things, nor is it about holidaying/vacationing all the time. These things are nice and are a bonus in life, but what truly matters and is the definition of happiness is family itself. It is the finger things in life like having a happy home that satiate me. And guess what, they are free.

Life is too short to dedicate your entire self to things that will benefit us in the short time. Family is forever, they are our priorities and God’s gift to us. Dedicating my days to Hubby and my three Gems is what I live for. God has blessed me with these gifts, how can I not take pride in making them happy?

So, I guess that is what makes, what I do, a lot easier. Because it is simply what I love to do for my family. What truly makes me happy. Receiving that positive feed back from them, and honestly it resonates back with everything else. Especially receiving feedback from you guys, seeing inspiration spread among you and seeing the results of your homes, families and lives is beautiful.

Receiving messages from people saying that I have inspired them in the slightest or newly weds who appreciate my blog and rely on it at times to help them is refreshing and makes me ever so happy. It is humbling to say the least.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and I only hope that I can continue to inspire and be inspired.

Until next time.

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