There Is Nothing Picky About A Picnic

The word picnic describes spring and summer perfectly. It is one of our favourite family activities to do on our Sunday adventures. I really enjoy searching for beautiful places to visit each week. Somewhere the kids will enjoy and a place that makes the perfect location to set up a picnic.

A question I am asked daily is, “What do you pack for a picnic and which places do you recommend we visit?”. I will be sharing our top five locations for this summer today.

I decided to write up a blog making it super easy to go back to, as well, it is easy for me to answer any redundant questions I am asked. The aim for this post is to make it easier for families to be more organized this summer and in general when planning a family picnic trip.

One of the first things you want to think about when planning a Sunday out is the location. It is always best to think about where you would like to go at least the day before you plan to. The reason being is that when you do decide, you will also need to know what food to take with you.

Below I have listed only three locations that can accompany a day or weekend of picnic travels.

  1. Canoelands Orchard

2. Fagan Park

Fagan Park has become one of our favourite parks we have visited. Not only was the scenery absolutely beautiful but the size of the park is massive- so there’s literally a place for a tone of families to set up their picnics and enjoy an afternoon of fun and relaxation with the family.

3. Aquatopia

If the forecast is a warm to hot day, spending it near water is ideal. Aquatopia is a water park located in Fairfield in the Western Suburbs of New South Wales. With a whole heap of water equipment and pools, the kids will have so much to do. There are lovely cabana seating areas which are perfect to keep out of the sun and tables accompanied with chairs that will make setting up a picnic area a breeze.

These are only three of our favourite locations that we visit currently, but we honestly have so many that we love. I will share more with you in the future, but for the meantime, I hope these places are just as enjoyable for you and your families as they are to my family.

If you have any that you would like to share, even if they are across the vast oceans of the world, I would love to know. I am a strong believer of enjoying the world and all it has to offer, even if I may not ever see it for myself.

Thank you so much for viewing my post.

Happy Picnicking.

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