Being apart of a family of nine children (7girls & 2boys) our gatherings are nothing short of cherished memories,endless laughs and moments that will forever be remembered. 

Having 3 children of my own I always ponder on HOW my parents raised all nine of us so beautifully and managed to Ensure we had the best childhood. Looking back 25years on at my personal childhood memories it fills my heart with joy. It makes me so happy at all the beautiful memories i have to share with my own children. I’m forever grateful for such amazing parents- I aspire to become them one day!

I don’t see myself following my mothers footsteps of 9 children… I’m happy and content with my 3 beautiful angels, but I thank my loving parents for creating a big family for if it weren’t for them my children wouldn’t have so many cousins to create memories of their own with and I wouldn’t have 8 pretty cool siblings that I couldn’t imagine my life without!

Five of us are now married with families of our own, the time has come for our little baby sis to embark on this journey and experience possibly one of the biggest milestones she’ll come to face in her life (excluding motherhood ofcourse). 

My siblings and I came together with the idea of having a Suprise dinner for our soon To-be Bride. A small intimate dinner with family. So the past few weeks we have plot & planned for this day trying our very best to keep it a secret. 

Ofcourse along the way we had our brother almost spill the beans. BOYS!! Lol.

The day arrived and it was perfect. Nothing is more rewarding than being the reason behind the smile on the face of others. 

We literally did everything ourselves from the food, props, flowers to the Polaroid photo station. It was all “DIY” and we are extremely proud & happy with the end results. Cudoos to those who do this as a career it’s extremely hard work and that should be appreciated. 

We used a lightweight piece of board and rope to create a “swing-like” floating shelf to be covered with flowers and used as the main centrepiece. These materials can be purchased from your local hardware store.

We used a date…put a slit long ways and placed customised name seating cards. This also was a pretty awesome way since we are in the beautiful Holy month of Ramadan and a date is preferred to break our fast. Everyone LOVED it!

Crockery can be found at Kmart- so pretty and so cheap!

•Pink dinner plate $1

•white bowl $1

•marble effect placemat $2

•white napkins Pk 4 $6

•cutlery a pack of -16pcs $6

•glass drinking cups $12/half dozen 

•pearl effect place cards $3.50/50pack

We secretly developed some photos of the bride and groom also at Kmart. A set of 13 photos turned out to be $2.60. Extremely cheap and a cute addition to the decor.

Also from the infamous Kmart we purchased a Polaroid camera, a few costume props To form a “Polaroid station” for us to create memories of ourselves together being crazy & silly. The kiddies also LOVED this area and it was so funny watching them all dressed up in beards & wigs. 

Dessert station using our recipes which can also be found on the blog in the “Dessert” category.

The variety of the food we had made. Recipes can also be found on the blog

It sure was such a lovely night. It comes to show you don’t need Expensive things to make a simple and elegant dinner party look unique and pretty. 
Much love;

10 thoughts on “Suprise Bridal Dinner!

  1. Salam 🙂 may I know what’s next to the potato baked? Is it chicken? May I know the name of the recipe….

      1. I couldn’t find chicken mushroom recipe in here 🙁 can u help me please…

      2. Oh I have a different recipe in the blog similar but different it’s called Basciola

        However the one I had on the suprise dinner is lemon pepper chicken which ill be making it tonight also. So the recipe will be up tonight keep an eye out ☺️

        Sorry for the confusion

  2. Looks beautiful and your right when you say how did our parents do it! It’s only when we have our own kids we see how hard it really is. Love your blog 😊

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