I have to say as much as i LOVE trying new recipes, middle cuisine tends to always hit home. 

How can you not love the food that’s apart of your heritage. There’s nothing more comforting then mum’s home cooked meals. The intense flavours, the gorgeous flavoursome aromas that linger so strongly they can be smelt from down the street. 

One particular dish I absolutely LOVE is Tisiyeh or some call it Fatteh. Traditionally it is eaten for breakfast… But seems to be an “Essential” dish during the beautiful month of Ramadan. 

Following is the simple Recipe:


-chick peas

-Greek plain yoghurt

-Lebanese bread toasted and Brocken into smaller pieces.

-1.5Tbsp tahini

-2 cloves garlic crushed


-pine nuts (toasted in Ghee or unsalted butter)

-chilli powder for garnish (optional)

-chopped fresh parsley leaves (optional)

1.) soak the chickpeas in a pot over night with a Tbsp of baking soda.

2.) the next morning boil the chick peas until soft.

3.) in a bowl add the crushed garlic, yoghurt, tahini and season with salt to taste. 

4.) in a serving dish layer the bottom with the toasted Broken bread. I like to add 2Tbsp of the chickpeas with a little bit of the water they have been cooked in… Mix through the bread.

5.) add another layer of chickpeas WITHOUT the water.

6.) top with the yoghurt mix followed by the toasted pine nuts.

7.) garnish with a few sprinkles of chilli powder and parsley. 



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