Winter is possibly the best time to get creative with bed styling. From the
different textures, colours and patterns you have available to use is just one
of the reasons. Having fun with mixing and matching and finding what suites you and your style is the best reason. The key really is to create a warm and cozy vibe, creating an inviting feeling every moment you look at your bed. Looking forward to a good night’s sleep never felt better.

I often am asked about how I make my bed look full and fluffy. And the answer is simple really. It all depends on the type of quilt insert you are using. You see, for the longest time, I had used two quilts on my bed to make it look nice and full. One of them was for displaying, bringing a sense of illusion of fullness. Whilst the other I used specifically for sleeping.

It was not until only recently, a year and a half ago to be precise that I
had found the fluffiest and comfiest quilt from ‘Pillow Talk’, a home and
bedding store. It was expensive. So, I decided to wait till it went on sale
before I purchased it, since I also wanted to change the quilts in my kid’s bedrooms. It was technically not a ‘down feather filled’ quilt, but it felt like one. It made styling my bed a delight to do.

Jumping into a fluffy bed with layers and layers of cushions and knitted
throw blankets makes my napping time so comfortable and getting some shuteye has never felt better and inviting. Investing in a great quality quilt insert from the beginning is something I should have done and is something I truly recommend. It pays off so much in the long run.

Bedding can at times be difficult to decide on. The array of styles can be
overwhelming. Lately though, I have found myself opting for textured single colour bedding, layering it with a subtle pop of colour and different textures to create an inviting looking space. As for the display pillow and cushion inserts, I honestly opted for the ‘IKEA feather filled’ inserts. They allow the cushions and display pillows to look fuller and fluffier and are by far the cheapest option and have been doing the job beautifully.

I hope this inspires you in some way, below I have linked some of my favourite winter bedding and bedding accessory choices that I incorporate in my bedding shuffle. Just click on what you like to be taken directly to the store page it can be found on.

Throw Blankets

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